Adult Nappies and Diapers in New Zealand

We provide high-quality incontinence products for adults. From adult diapers and pull-ups to disposable mattress under pads and more. We ship all over New Zealand.

Adult Incontinence Products

All of our meet our strict requirements, and are manufactured to the highest standard and design. All our products are double layer absorbent with leg cuffs to prevent leakage, making for quality Adult Diapers and Pull-ups.

We have been in the Adult Nappy business for many years, and as the direct importers of Adult Incontinence products, we are able to offer you the best prices available on our products.

To ensure you find a product that works for you, we will send out free samples, with no obligation.

We have been selling adult incontinence products for 15 years now, you can be confident with our service.

Adult Nappies

Adult pull-ups nappies are a simple, yet effective way to avoid diaper rash and odor. Made from a breathable fabric that helps in keeping the skin moist and dry. It also provides a comfortable fit for adults while preventing leaks and odor.

The inner layer of the nappy is a super-absorbent layer that can soak up the liquid and protect the skin. These nappies can be worn by both men and women. You can use it to travel, for overnight trips and also for everyday use.

Adult Diapers

These adult wrap diapers are designed for heavy wetters, they have a leak-resistant fit with standing cuff guards to prevent leaks. They have a double-layer absorbent core with super-absorbent gel in the core center.

Refastenable Tape-Tab system with printed tape zone allows multiple adjustments without losing adhesive strength or compromising diaper integrity. Wetness indicators to let you know when the diaper has reached maximum capacity.

Mattress Protectors & Other Products